Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry

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Hours of Operation

Monday 11:30am - 4pm

Tuesday 11:30am - 4pm

Wednesday Traditional Worship Service 2pm - 3pm with sandwiches to follow

Thursday 11:30am - 4pm

Friday 11:30am - 1pm

Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry began as a house ministry in 1980 under the direction of Rev. Stephen How in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Back then it was called The Native Fellowship.

In 1981, it moved to Saskatoon as a house ministry and in 1986, it shared worship space with the Circle West P.C. Under the leadership of Rev. Stewart Folster, in the 1990’s, the ministry changed its name to Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry. Mrs. Terry Folster and the ladies from the Native Circle introduced the circle worship and the traditional smudging ceremony and other elements of Native Spirituality were incorporated into the worship and the ministry.

The current location of this ministry is in the inner-city of Saskatoon ( 450-20th Street West ), eight blocks from downtown, where the majority of the First Nations of Saskatoon are situated. The programs include: A Sandwich Monday program that is supported by the Presbyterian churches in the city and by the Presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan and by their twinning partners from St. Andrew St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Montreal, Quebec. Local members of the Presbyterian Churches donate 10 loaves of sandwiches every Monday.  Their programs also include: a mission outreach program where more sandwiches are served on Tuesday, and Thursday.  A hot meal is served every Friday, this could be anything from soup to casseroles.  100-200 street people drop in every day to receive sandwiches, coffee, juice, and cookies. Wednesday is worship day and fellowship time beginning at 2pm. More food is served after worship.