Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry

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Our Mission -  Director Rev. Folster says the goal of Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry is "to bring people to Christ, to receive his love and forgiveness and peace. All people are welcome and it doesn’t matter what background they have or what nation they belong to or what status they have in society. This place is their place. We want to show them the love of Christ. We feed them and show them that the church cares about them and eventually they reach out to Christ and embrace his Church."

Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry (SNCM) is serving the people who live, work and play in inner city.  We accept people for who they are, where they are.  We supply food, fellowship, and any personal items that are available to us.  We give out clothing, personal hygiene items, blankets and anything which has been donated to us.  We also refer people to any agency or service that they may be in need of.  We currently have GED tutoring offered every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon.

It is our hope to begin a life skills training program called A STEP UP: Putting the Pieces Together.  This program would be offered 3 days a week and will be offered to everyone.  The people in the neighbourhood were asked what they need to be able to succeed and all of their answers were simple life skills classes, such as cooking classes, budgeting classes, women's groups, men's groups, couples groups, anger management, etc.  Chantal Main, our Program Manager has dedicated much of her time to developing this program.  She has written a grant proposal and we are now waiting to hear about our funding.  If we receive this funding the program will run 3 days a week and include everything that the people have asked for.